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  Daniel Ralston has over 25 years of experience building home, business and industrial computer systems. As malware and viruses have evolved into daily concerns - so has his dealing with them advanced.


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You can be sure that every time you come to us, you will receive fast and friendly service that will make your computer problems a lot less stressful. Besides repairing the problem, we will take the time to explain to you what has happened to your computer and what to watch for next time. Our goal is to help you! Each computer is handled with care and respect. You can call us for help on any computer related problems or questions. Just another way we are your computing partner.



Ralston Computer Services was established with three goals:

1. To provide the best possible computer sales, service and repairs.
2. To explain support services and needs in terms that all understand.
3. To provide all your services quickly, professionally and cooperatively.

Please browse our inventory of computers, learn about caring for your computer, and contact us. You can be assured that we will listen to you and help you with your computer problems.

"If you're in need of the best virus or trojan/spyware removal available, we can help. Give us a call !"



Hours:  Tuesday thru Friday  -  Noon thru 6:00pm

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      Still on dialup and thinking about going to Broadband?     

Ralston Computer Services can provide you with the necessary information needed to assure you can run Verizon DSL internet, cable, or ANY broadband internet, in your home or business. We provide the technical expertise, and additional hardware,  to set up and connect your household or business to your broadband choice, including sharing and networking - should that be your intent and need.


  Who do we perform services for?

Ralston Computer proudly services over 200 business in the Warren County area, in addition to several hundred personal home users.

Thanks to ALL of you!



              NEW SYSTEMS            

Ralston computer Services is a dealer for Equus Computers of Cleveland, Ohio. Equus produces the Nobilis brand of products, number ONE white box manufacturer in the USA for two years.


We use, recommend, and sell Kaspersky Antivirus.


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