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I am one of those people who know nothing about my computer. I just expect to work as it should. And then one day my computer conked out on me never to return. I was able to turn to Ralston Computer for help. Dan set me up with a new computer. It had everything I needed loaded and ready to go. All it needed from me was for me to plug it in. I received fast service for GREAT price. And I still don’t need to know anything about computers because I can turn to Ralston Computer for help.

    Debra Seleni - Tupper Lake, NY


We have been doing business with Ralston Computer for many years.  Whenever we need service Dan responds promptly, professionally and is reasonably priced.  He can handle any problem we give to him and is our “go-to” man for computer help.

Dan Ferman – owner Meridien  Hardwoods,  Pittsfield, PA


We, as in Allegheny Tool, are very pleased with Dan’s knowledge and quick response to our computer needs.  Dan set up our network and gave us various ideas for making our network more ‘user’ friendly.  I would recommend Ralston Computer to anyone that is seeking professional help or the individual seeking help for the home based computer.  Dan is very knowledgeable about computers whether it is for the home user or the office worker.  Ralston computer is who we would recommend.

Mark Hazeltine – owner Allegheny Tool,  Warren, PA


St. Luke Church is well pleased with expertise and service offered by Ralston Computer Services.  Always available during business hours to answer any question that may arise.

Father John Neff – Pastor St Lukes Parish,  Youngsville, PA


“Working with Ralston Computer Services has been a very positive experience.  As a local law office, we are very much in need of a reliable, knowledgeable professional to service our computers.  Ralston Computer Services responds to our needs quickly and efficiently and always solves our computer issues.  Ralston Computer Services is our Computer Expert”

Buffy O’Neil - secretary from Swanson, Bevevino and Gilford, Attorney’s at Law,  Warren, PA


Dan Ralston and Ralston Computer Services have been a lifesaver for Youngsville Borough on more than one occasion.  We do not have a in-house- IT department, so we turn to Dan whenever we need assistance with our computers.  We highly recommend Ralston Computer Services to anyone looking for knowledgeable and  reliable help with their computer dilemmas.

Terry Williams, Youngsville Borough Manager,  Youngsville PA


In 1999 I had been the Glade Township Tax Collector for 5 years.  The job required that I type extensive accurate reports for thousands of tax payment.  Strict deadlines made the task very difficult.  Then I heard that there was one tax collector using a new computer program written by Dan Ralston.  I visited Deerfield Township’s Tax collector Brenda Gibson to see the program.  Even though I did not know how to run an excel program, I knew that I needed to buy, learn and use the program immediately.  Over the years it has saved countless hours of work and produced reports with ease.  It also helped by adding a third way to check my accuracy when dealing with taxpayer funds.  Dan updates the program and data yearly for a very reasonable fee.  Most of Warren County Tax Collectors use this program now.

Dan Ralston has guided me with advice on use of a power backup system and an anti-virus system to protect my computer and data.

All of my questions to Ralston Computer Service receive a same day response and prompt solutions are given to my computer problems.  I love having a local service with people that I can trust.

Jennie Caldwell - Glade Township Tax Collector,  Warren, PA


 Dan Ralston’s program used by the Tax Collector’s in Warren County is exceptional – easy to understand and user-friendly.  It makes a very time consuming job much less difficult. 

Dan is always available to answer questions in his down-to-earth friendly manner.  He is fair, honest and efficient.  I trust him.

Doris T. - Pine Grove Township Tax Collector,  Russell, PA

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When another computer tech was unable to retrieve my pictures from my crashed computer, I sent the hard drive to Ralston Computer via the mail.  Dan was able to find the pictures and had a CD ready for me the next day!  Great prompt service!

Ruth Myer  -  Warren, PA


Ralston Computer Services is most definitely ones partner when a computer problem arises.  They are very professional, most willing to make ‘house calls’, along with providing outstanding service at their location on Marin Street, Youngsville, PA  Should one need a repair, system recover, virus removal or other quality computer services, I would certainly recommend you call 814/563-9551

Karolyn Stone - Warren, PA


Dan’s expertise has been a great asset in both my work and personal use of my computer.  No matter what the problem, he comes to the rescue.  He’s also a wonderful source of information about anything computer related, be it viruses or equipment.  Dan has made my life a lot easier!

Lynn Caufman  - Russell, PA


By taking my computer to Ralston Computer it takes away my worry over security and saves me frustration.  I can trust that my security protection is up to date and program updates are clean.  If I have need to increase the proficiency of my computer, it is also worry and hassle free.  To me that is worth its weight in gold.  In addition to my desktop, I am searching through all the choices for a laptop…which is becoming confusing for me.  Dan’s expertise can help me spend less and get more, without purchasing something I don’t need and not missing something that I do.

Suzanne Saunders  -  Brookville, PA


As a small business owner, I value personal service. I depend on my computer for everything! When I accidentally spilled water on my laptop, I called Dan. He offered suggestions, but advised that I’d probably need to replace the computer in the near future. I ordered a new laptop online, and when it arrived, I struggled to set it up. After several frustrating days, I decided to call Dan. Not only was he able to recover all the data from the hard drive of my old laptop, but he loaded all of it onto the new laptop. He then set up the new computer exactly the way I wanted it, and within one day I was literally, back in business. We are so fortunate to have someone of Dan’s caliber in the area. As long as Dan is in business, I will NEVER go anywhere else for service! Thanks for all your help! Sincerely,

Ellen D. Butkus – owner Action Radon Testing, LLC,  Russell, PA


We have used Ralston Computer Services exclusively since 2002.  When we purchased our first computer, we relied on “expert friends” to help us learn how to use and maintain our computer.  The results were not good, we did not understand the functions and the computer was not working well.  After calling Ralston, we knew from the beginning he knew what he was doing.   We have since purchased a new computer from him and if there is a problem of any kind, we rely on his expert, prompt service.   He is a real find!

Clem  & Deb Cleer  -  Spring Creek, PA


When time came to upgrade my computer to meet the requirements of some new embroidery software, I first considered ordering online or by telephone from a major computer brand.  Thinking back to various times over the years I have had problems and tried to solve them online or though some very lengthy telephone calls to who knows where, I decided to listen to friends and fellow business owners who spoke very highly of Ralston Computer Services.

 Equipped with my basic system requirements and wish list, I visited his shop for a quote.  Dan took time to understand what I needed and answered many questions.  The price for equipment was very comparable to the major brand, plus Dan transferred programs and information from our old system to the new. 

When ever I have a question or problem, I can call or go to his shop and speak with Dan to resolve the issue.  Dan even came to my home on a Saturday afternoon to correct a problem.  Try that with an online or 800 computer company! 

I highly recommend Dan Ralston and Ralston Computer Service for reputable sales and service.

Becky Walters – Owner Becky Walters Embroidery,  Youngsville, PA


I was having problems with my computer and made the mistake of calling someone that works out of his car with only a cell phone number.   He came to my house and spent 6 hours, a stranger in my home, to only tell me that my computer couldn’t be fixed.  After he left I got concerned that maybe he might have taking information from my on line banking!   I called Ralston Computer and got my computer to him that day.  Within an hour he was able to fix the problem!  Dan was also able to go through the computer and tell me where this other guy had been.  Obviously this other guy had no clue what he was doing.

I will NEVER make the mistake again of dealing with someone who doesn’t have an actual business that I can go into, and know they will be here to service my computer tomorrow.  I highly recommend Ralston Computer.

Sonja Hays  -  Jamestown, NY



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